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Our Best Litsperation Challenge

This is going to be the last post of this blog. Throughout this term we completed three litspiration challenges. We feel that the best one was the one we created on setting. It is the one that we tried to make the most visually attractive. It catches your eye and it helps to talk about the book itself. We feel that it is the best because it is the one that we worked the hardest on and we are proud of it. After completing the litspiration challenge, we realized that, although we included supporting details, we didn't say why each of the scenes we placed were important to the novel and why we chose them.

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Litsperation Challenge #3

Here is our third litsperation challenge:

After a discussion, we concluded that the theme of the novel was that your identity is greatly impacted by your place in society. This theme was explored throughout the whole novel, constantly providing evidence of Farmer’s thoughts. Another sub theme that we thought about, which we didn’t include into our actual diorama was that no matter where you go and no matter who you are, you will always find friends, and enemies, wherever you go or end up. With our model we tried to represent how the place of each of the characters in society influenced their actions and the way they were treated.
    Before we started, we thought about the how the positions would actually look like. We thought that all of Opium was definitely under a Monarchy, with El Patron leading the whole system. Then we thought about who and “what” would fill in all the other spaces. So we thought that next to El Patron, his family the Alacrans, were the ones that Opium would listen to. After that we thought the Mendozas and other friends/allies of El Patron would take the next position because El Patron was the leader. If he felt that certain individuals were allies, they automatically gained a high status in the Opium society. After that we thought the citizens of the United States/Aztlan as well as the keepers were next.They weren’t part of the Opium society but they were much better of than the people that lived in Opium and weren’t in power. Than we felt that the workers in all of Opium, that weren’t eejits, such as bodyguards and Celia, were next on the Hierarchy. We felt that the Keepers were also part of the same area because they are treated the same way, not because Aztlan is under a Monarchy because we don’t know about Aztlan’s government. After them would come the orphans because they are mistreated and yet, they can come out of their position in the hierarchy and many become either keepers or workers. After that we had a discussion on whether eejits or clones were higher in the hierarchy and we decided that eejits were higher. This is because people in  the society don’t mind the presence of an eejit because they are slaves. Clones however are so looked down on that the thought of speaking to a clone is thoughtless.
    The colours chosen for our structure were also intentional. We picked red for El Patron because red is kind of a sinister colour, as the colour of blood but we believed that El Patron had some good intentions in the beginning of the book and red is also a warm colour. We picked blue for the Alacrans because to us, blue represents coldness and hatred. Then came the family friends, such as the Mendozas. We picked green because yes they are kind of cruel, but not nearly as cruel as the Alacrans and El Patron. After that came the Citizens. We felt yellow because yellow is a happy colour and though we don’t know much about the people themselves, they have the average life in the society. After that the keepers/workers. Purple, and dark purple at that, we felt would work because darkness represents evil but the colour purple is really nice. This would show that even though that class is usually bad and mean, there are people who are nice. Then comes the eejits. We did brown because eejits don’t have a brain/class. They do what they are told by their masters and they no longer control the action of their own body. Brown to us represents dullness so that matches the eejits personalities. Then we thought that the clones could go as turquoise. Turquoise because they are mistreated and misunderstood. No one gives them a chance but if they did, clones would be just like the average human. Turquoise is a colour that means evil happiness, so we thought it would work well.

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Litsperation Challenge #2

Person: Maria


1) I Miss You - Miley Cyrus (Dorothy)
In the book it states that Maria lost her mother and it says that she’s the reason why she holds on so tightly to everything she has. It said that one day her mother left the house and never came home. We feel that even though her mother was in her life for a short amount of time, she left a significant impact on Maria that influences the way she behaves and thinks right now. In conclusion this song fits Maria because of her lost mother and anyone else she may have lost that is not stated in the book. The book only mentioned it a little, not a lot but we feel that we all still need to know about Maria’s loss. (pg. 111)


2) Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye (Leah)
This song is also related to Maria’s mom because it said that she just walked out and nobody know where she went and they never found her. In the song it says that the they just left and changed their records and last name. (pg. 111)

This song would also relate to Maria’s relationship with Tom. The lyrics talks about how someone that you are close to, that you trust, that you feel you know, has abandoned you or is completely different from what they led you to believe. Tom consistently treated Maria badly but she would continue to go back to him, having hope that he would change. When she found out how evil Tom is, that’s when she realized that she could never trust him and that their friendship was more than over. pg. 157-165


3) Happy-Nevershoutnever (Leah)
This song works because in the song it says that “its hard to conceive that somebody like you could be with someone like me” this is like how its hard for Maria to be with Matt because he is a Clone and society looks down on clones. Nobody feels that the relationship they have is okay, even her father. (pg. 26/27 and most other pages)


4) Trouble-Taylor Swift (Leah)
Again this could work for either Maria’s feelings towards either Matt or Tom. Matt because everyone warned her that he was a clone and that she should stay far away from him but she didn’t listen and that’s what caused her to lose Furball. Tom because she knew who Tom was and what he was capable of doing but she refused to believe it until her and Matt heard Felicia and Tom’s conversation in the secret passage. (Chapter 13) (pg. 157-165)

Link to Picture:


5) Stompa - Serena Ryder (Maitri)
Maria seems to be an individual who doesn’t belong in the same society as others in this book. She is carefree and wouldn’t mind being looked down on by society. We feel that later in her life she would love her life as it is, wouldn’t be told how to live her life. We can totally imagine her singing this song to someone. Also we have been talking about how she is meant to be a somewhat rebellious individual, even though she is still so young so it would seem she doesn’t know all the ways of her society but when she learns them, we don’t think her personality and attitude will change.

6) Titanium - David Guetta (Maitri)
Maria would relate this song because once again she lives in a society that criticizes the way she thinks. She is shot down by many people. Such as when the priest said that Matt couldn’t attend the funeral because he was unbaptized limb of satan, but Maria stuck up for what she believed in and told the priest that St. Francis would allow it and that he should to. She has incredible faith in what she believes is right and hardly anything could get in between her and her beliefs.

7) Troublemaker - Olly Murs Ft. Flo Rida (Maitri)
This may work for Maria’s feelings towards Tom because she knows how she is, he has treated her so badly for so long and yet she is always forgiving him, hoping for him to treat her better. She obviously has a strong attachment to him because she is always trying to be nice to him and defending him when someone says or does something against him. Of course this would be her feelings before her experience in the secret passage.


8) Just Give Me A Reason - Pink (Maitri)
The reason that we picked this song is because Maria and Matt are always fighting but they are still remain close to each other. In this song its explaining that she feels like she wants to kill him but still loves him. Also it shows how Matt has messed up and made them more distant and yet they become close again.

Link to Song


9) Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Maitri)
Again we chose this song looking at the side of rebellion. We think that later on in the book, she will become some sort of a rebel. If this song were in the same time period as the book, Maria could use this song as a sort of inspiration. It tells you that you should believe in what you think is right.
10) Lovers In A Dangerous Time-Bruce Cockburnhttp://www.canadianblast.com/Page.asp?PageID=100003&ContentID=4071
I chose this song because Matt and Maria are like girlfriend and boyfriend in a dangerous time for Matt and Maria because Maria is being label as a bit of a rebel and Matt is EL PatrĂ³ns clone who is treated like a dumb animal but is really bright and smart.
http://www.vevo.com/watch/bruce-cockburn/lovers-in-a-dangerous-time/CAT240901881?source=instantsearch (

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